Sunday, 11 April 2010

More spuds in !

Welcome back to Reads Allotment Retreat, where we are able to bring more news, some good and some not so good! So, starting with the best bit: Thanks to some kind help from Jo & Co., we now have another 4 rows of spuds in the ground. This accounts for the balance of the first earlies, and half of the second earlies. The ground is still heavy, and drainage struggling, but he spuds have a fairer chance in the ground than out ! On a slightly down note, the rest of the plots are badly overgrown. This is due to my absence with ill health, and at present am concerned at how we're gonna gain the upper hand, and maybe a phone call will be needed to rally some help. I'm sure that a good mow of the grass will tidy things up considerably, but this too will also expose more weeds! Talking of weeds, I haven't touched one since 16th March - patting myself on the back as i type!
Seed germination continues at a pace at home, and I'll update on where we are with that later.
The weather looks glorious again, so i suggest you get out there sharpish!

Take care all and have a grand day.



Tanya Walton said...

My spuds are I just have to sort out the new plot so I can get the main crop and runner beans that back aches just thinking about it...but it will be worth it in the end!!

Green Lane Allotments said...

We had a potato planting day too = hope you are feeling better

Damo said...

It's great to get the spuds in, sorry to hear the plots are overgrown, hope you manage to get some help sorted.

Jo said...

You're still ahead of me, my spuds still aren't it. Hope you manage to get some help, I know it weighs on your mind when you're thinking of everything which needs doing.

Kella said...

Yep my spuds are in too, hope you can get some more help too. Why not throw a plot party, inviting everyone to come along with a shovel and you provide the refreshments.