Sunday, 18 October 2009

A generous gift

Welcome back to Reads Allotment Retreat. During a recent visit to the plot, one of my fellow plotholders was taking down her bean plants / canes as she tidied up for the winter. I was amazed and surprised to see the old plants going straight to the compost heap, complete with a bounty of pods still attached. I enquired as to whether i could pick some pods to dry the seeds for next year, and was greeted with the comment "do people really do that ?". Erm, well yes! The lady in question has had a bumper crop this year, and as such I expect the seed will be good too. I didn't hang around long enough to ask what variety they were, I merely collected enough for me - and maybe some to share, and was on my way.
To me, this is part of what allotmenteering is all about.

Back soon folks,


Saturday, 17 October 2009

No need to worry!

Welcome back to Reads Allotment Retreat, in what has been a worrying week. The picture left adorned our local newspaper on Thursday morning this week, and set alarm bells ringing around the town! No prior notice had been given and there was uproar at the allotment site. Whilst I was there during the afternoon; doing a spot of digging, there was plenty of chatter about this. Along with a few other plotters, we decided to attend the Local Area Development meeting to be held that evening at the local council offices. At around 7.00pm we sat in the council chambers with baited breath, ready to put our case. Thankfully this was not required: The chairman of the meeting opened with a statement which basically said that the allotment site was an established Allotment site and would be taken off the list of viable travellers sites immediately. The councillors looked startled and surprised as we all burst into loud applause, before standing and leaving. The local newspaper printed a revised story which can be read here.

Phew! Panic over !

Check back soon for more updates from the plot.