Monday, 5 April 2010

April already, and we've been busy!

Welcome back to our Allotment Retreat blog, where despite the lack of any physical activity on the plot, we are pleased to let you know that our seed raising exploits are in full swing! The conservatory is starting to resemble a nursery, with every available flat surface now being given up for seed germination. It's all very exciting, we are growing some old favourites as well as a few first time attempts - as always injecting some new challenges as we go along. The list so far is as follows :

  • Tomato's: Napoli Plum, Cherokee Purple, & Yellow Pear
  • Summer Squash: Crookneck, Delicata, & Burgess Buttercup
  • Marrow: Table Dainty
  • Sweetcorn: Ruby Queen & F1 Earlygold
  • Sweet Banana Pepper
Seeds already germinated from sowing last week:
  • Sweetcorn Swift Early - 7 plants
  • Courgette All Green Bush - 10 plants
  • Courgette Yellow Zuchinni - 2 plants
  • Sprouts Red Delicious - 15 plants
  • Tomato Garden Pearl - 20 plants (for baskets & containers)

We've also made the first investment of the season in some general purpose compost. I don't like spending too much (must take after my father) and this is the best deal I have found so far: 4 x 70Litre bags for £12.00, from Asda! We'll no doubt be buying more as the season progresses, and If i find a better deal - I will let you know.
Thats about it for now, but we'll keep you posted on germination rates etc. We cant wait to get back to the plot. So much to do, so little time!

Take care all and enjoy your gardening. Pop back soon for more updates.



Sue Garrett said...

We started our seed sowing regime too

Mr. H. said...

Looking good! I like your tomato selection.:)

Damo said...

it's going well I'm keen to see what your tomatoes are like.

Tanya. said...

wow you have a lot of courgettes planted. I have just two this year after overflowing amounts last year that the neighbours were fed up of

Kella said...

Your on the ball.

Jo said...

Your tomato varieties sound interesting, have you grown these before? I can see you're going to have a glut of courgettes with all those plants. How's the no smoking going? I quit last Monday, but I'm still having bad cravings.

Gary and Jen, and Ruby and Peter said...

Hi Jo,
Toms list is good innit! We've been given the Cherokee Purple toms and the Napoli Plum by fellow bloggers, the others are old favourites.
I've not smoked since 16th March, but still crave every day! Have been assured it gets easier.
I didn't expect much from the courgettes - the pack had been open some time. Thought i would gamble for some early crops and all have germinated!!!! Also we bought some Black Beauty Courgette see by mail order - i ordered 10 and 100 were delivered !! Let me know if you want some. Finally, we're on the lookout for some different marrow varieties!

Jo said...

Thanks for the offer but my courgettes are already sown and growing. I'm afraid I can't help with the marrow, that's one thing that I've never grown (apart from the odd courgette growing to marrow sized proportions).